Parenting Courses

Our parenting courses are the ideal way for you to learn first hand how to improve your relationship with your children and help them thrive. Experienced coaches and parents of three, Nadim and Carole Saad will work with you to achieve your goal of raising happy, responsible children.

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some of the tools covered in each session:

SESSION 1 Setting you up for success
Parenting styles: ours, our partner's and the combination
How to prevent power struggles with choices, questions and "I" statements
Planning ahead and setting clear loving limits
Filling children's emotional bank accounts
How to praise (or not to praise!) our children
SESSION 2 Communication and problem solving
How to communicate respectfully and effectively
The importance of empathy and validation
Whining, arguing and negotiating: how to diffuse them
How to nurture self responsibility in our children
How to set loving limits
SESSION 3 Dealing with misbehaviour
Mistakes as an opportunity for learning
Understanding why our children misbehave
Differences between consequences & punishment
Immediate & delayed consequences
Time-away as an alternative to Time-out
Energy drain
Rewind and Replay



Notting Hill, London, UK


3-session course:   £195 +VAT (£234) per person or £330 +VAT (£396) per couple

Per Session:            £70+VAT (£84)

Bring a friend and you both get 10% off (not applicable to couples discount).


Each session is independent so you can pick and choose. However, we would always recommend trying to attend all sessions as they are complementary.